Mission & Vision

Mission – why are we here?

A mission is a statement of the purpose of a company; its reason for existing; a written declaration of the organisation’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. It is like a goal for what the company wants to do for the world.

The raison d’être of any company can be one of the hardest things to clearly define. Our Mission (or Purpose) statement here at Merz is simple. We get up in the morning and do our job so that we can help people to Look better, (and therefore) Feel better (and therefore) Live better. To better understand how this relates to real life it is worth looking more closely at the Mission statement.

Society is constantly reinforcing the importance of how we look. Consider a patient with upper limb spasticity due to a stroke, or with cervical dystonia which twists their head around, leaving them in near-constant pain. Treatment with Botulinum Neurotoxin relaxes muscles and allows activities of daily living much more easily and, in the eyes of an observer the patient certainly looks more normal. Or think maybe of a middle-aged recent divorcee, keen to feel more attractive to a potential partner. Treatment with dermal fillers can restore lost midface volume and improve wrinkles. How we are perceived by others has a fundamental effect on how we ourselves feel.

Therefore, if our patients Look better there is a strong chance that
they will Feel better, and be able to Live better.

Our Vision here at Merz is to become the most Admired, Trusted and Innovative Aesthetics and Neurotoxins Company…in the World.

Vision – where do we want to get to?

It is helpful for an organisation to have a clear idea of where it wants to take its business, and also to be able to articulate this to its customers. A Vision needs to be simple and easy to understand so that everyone in the business can be aligned, through their daily work, to help deliver the Vision.

Our vision is to be recognised by our customers as:

The most Admired, Trusted & Innovative Aesthetics and Neurotoxins Company….in the World.

How we achieve our vision comes down to two other things. The first is Strategy (how we will achieve our goals and ambitions) and Values (the way we do things around here).